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ASSA members participate in a number of community programmes and transformation initiatives. Find out what our members have been working on, and how you can get involved. 

The Actuarial Society Development Trust supports actuarial education and research in South Africa, by providing university grants and bursaries to worthy students.

A number of practice area committees operate within the Society. They deal with technical matters and legislative issues, and gather and publish resources that benefit all our members. 

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Find information on how to become a student member of the Society, as well as education, examinations and other information relevant to obtaining professional qualification.

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Find out about upcoming professional, educational and social events.

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Find the latest presentations from conventions, sessionals and seminars and read up on the latest actuarial standards and legislation updates.

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Nominations for Council are invited until 23 September.

The 20th Asian Actuarial Conference

The 20th Asian Actuarial Conference (20th AAC) is being organized in Gurgaon, India  over 9th to 12th November, 2016.  Theme of the event is Changing Asian Societies: Challenges and Opportunities.   

Registration for Early bird discount will end by 31st Aug, 2016 . CLICK HERE to Register now. 

Please make use of discounted rates on Air and ground travel alongside planning various tours during and after the event.  For more information visit our website at http://www.actuariesindia.in/.


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Results of the A301 and A302 / F101 - F105 / F106 April 2016 Exam available

Results of the 1st session Examinations for the following subject codes:

UK IFoA co-ordinated subject code: F106 

ASSA co-ordinated subject codes: F101 - F105 / A301 and A302

are currently available via member profiles and can be viewed on the academic record.


Results of the April 2016 UK IFoA co-ordinated Examinations

Results of the April 2016 UK IFoA co-ordinated Examinations: A100's and A200's are currently available via member profiles and can be viewed on the academic record.


Please refer to the following link to access the pass lists for the above exams:



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